What is DevTools?

DevTools is a suite of performance and debugging tools for Dart and Flutter. It’s currently in preview release, but is under active development.

Screenshot of timeline dark mode

DevTools Timeline view in dark mode

What can I do with DevTools?

Here are some of the things you can do with DevTools:

  • Inspect the UI layout and state of a Flutter app.
  • Diagnose UI jank performance issues in a Flutter app.
  • Source-level debugging of a Flutter or Dart command-line app.
  • Debug memory issues in a Flutter or Dart command-line app.
  • View general log and diagnostics information about a running Flutter or Dart command-line app.

We expect you to use DevTools in conjunction with your existing IDE or command-line based development workflow.

GIF showing DevTools features

DevTools in action

How do I install DevTools?

See the Android Studio/IntelliJ, VS Code, or command line pages for installation instructions.

Providing feedback

Please give DevTools a try, provide feedback, and file issues in the DevTools issue tracker. Thanks!

Other resources

For more information on debugging and profiling Flutter apps, see the Debugging page and, in particular, its list of other resources.