The Flutter team takes the security of Flutter and the applications created with it seriously. This page describes how to report any vulnerabilities you may find, and lists best practices to minimize the risk of introducing a vulnerability.

Reporting vulnerabilities

In the rare event that you find a vulnerability in Flutter itself, email us at For more information about how Google handles security issues, see Google’s security philosophy.

Best practices

  • Keep current with the latest Flutter SDK releases. We regularly update Flutter, and these updates may fix security defects discovered in previous versions. Check the Flutter change log for security-related updates.

  • Keep your application’s dependencies up to date. Make sure you upgrade your package dependencies to keep the dependencies up to date. Avoid pinning to specific versions for your dependencies and, if you do, make sure you check periodically to see if your dependencies have had security updates, and update the pin accordingly.

  • Keep your copy of Flutter up to date. Private, customized versions of Flutter tend to fall behind the current version and may not include important security fixes and enhancements. Instead, routinely update your copy of Flutter. If you’re making changes to improve Flutter, be sure to update your fork and consider sharing your changes with the community.